Pre-Approved Credit and Insurance Offers from Companies is a website that allows you to opt-out of receiving pre-approved credit and insurance offers from companies you haven’t done business with before. By opting out, you can reduce the amount of junk mail and telemarketing calls you receive, which can be especially useful during the mortgage application process.

When you opt out on, you’re letting companies know you don’t want them to access your credit report to make pre-approved credit or insurance offers. This means you won’t receive offers for credit cards, insurance, or other financial products you may not be interested in.

Opting out is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. You can opt-out for five years or permanently. To opt-out for five years, go to and complete the online form. You’ll need to provide your name, address, and social security number and choose whether to opt out for five years or permanently.

If you opt out permanently, you must print out a form from the website and mail it in. The form requires your signature to complete.
Opting out on has several benefits when applying for a mortgage. First, you won’t receive telemarketing calls, which can be distracting during the application process. Second, you can reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive, which can help you stay focused and organized.

In summary, opting out of is an excellent way to protect your privacy and reduce the number of unsolicited offers you receive when applying for a mortgage. In addition, taking a few minutes to opt out can help you streamline the mortgage application process and concentrate on finding the right mortgage for your needs.